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Thank you for visiting our site and searching for great optical products and services.  Our goal is to help you look great, see your best and "save you money" without compromise.

Print your ticket to "Lifestyle Dispensing" or say the secret password "EAGLEVISION" when you place your order and save $30.00 on the purchase of a complete pair of eyeglasses (lenses and frames) without compromise in quality of product or service.  Service is our #1 product.  Don't get caught in the wild!  Come to Grant EYEGLASSES for civilized eyecare you can trust since 1967.

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This Is Your Ticket to "Lifestyle Dispensing" ©

The Licensed Opticians at Grant Eyeglasses are trained to fit your eyewear to your lifestyle including work, hobbies and special needs.  "Lifestyle Dispensing" is your guarantee of satisfaction.

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5248 Bank Street, Fort Myers, FL  33907
(239) 334-7268

Print the $30.00 "Web Savings" coupon (above left) by whatever method suits you.  Highlight the coupon with your mouse and when you print choose the option "print selection" or print the whole page or print nothing... just say EAGLEVISION when you place your order.

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