ONYX Low Vision Solution Series
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ONYX™ Swing-arm

The ONYX™ Swing-arm works with your TV to deliver magnification up to 100x, based on a 20-inch NTSC TV screen. Use it in any room where there is a TV – it’s small, lightweight, and portable. The Swing-arm provides distance views, document views, and self views.

Read the ONYX Swing-arm Data Sheet (PDF)

ONYX™ Flexible-arm

The ONYX™ Flexible-arm features the ONYX camera mounted on an omni-directional articulating arm for ultimate flexibility in any viewing situation requiring video magnification. Delivers magnification up to 100x, based on a 20-inch TV screen, in three viewing modes: distance, document, and self-view. The Flexible-arm turns any NTSC TV into a powerful video magnifier

Read the ONYX Flexible-arm Data Sheet (PDF)

ONYX™ Swing-arm PC Edition

The ONYX™ Swing-arm PC Edition features the ONYX camera uniquely mounted on a swing arm that is secured to a sturdy base. It comes with USB connectivity to any PC and MAGic® Screen Magnification Software with Speech and new MAGic EyeMerge™ image management features. With EyeMerge, switch back and forth quickly and easily between magnified PC images and magnified camera views in any of three viewing modes: distance views, document views, and self views.

Read the ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition Data Sheet (PDF)

ONYX™ Flexible-arm PC Edition

The ONYX™ Flexible-arm PC Edition brings together the ONYX camera, an omni-directional articulating arm, and USB connectivity to any PC. The Flexible-arm PC Edition comes with MAGic Screen Magnification Software with Speech, now with new EyeMerge image management features. This unique fusion of hardware and innovative software enables users to work with magnified camera images in three viewing modes (distance, document, and self-view) and magnified PC views at the same time!

Read the ONYX Flexible-arm PC Edition Data Sheet (PDF)

ONYX™ Deskset 17

The ONYX™ Deskset 17 features the versatile ONYX camera mounted to a 17-inch flat panel monitor. The self-contained ONYX Deskset 17 provides users with the ultimate in distance and up-close magnification in a compact, easy-to-carry unit that plugs into any standard wall socket. The Deskset 17 is the ideal magnification solution for school, work, or anywhere that on-the-go magnification is needed.

Read the ONYX Deskset 17 Data Sheet (PDF)

ONYX™ Flexible-arm PC Edition
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