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OCEAN WAVES Sunglasses



Ocean Waves Sunglasses Feature:

  • 99.9% Polarization

  • 100% Blockage of UV,A,B,C up to 240 NM

  • Optical quality glass lenses toughest against scratches

  • Unique anti-reflective coating process

  • Blocks maximum amount of blue light & infrared while still giving true color perception

  • All lenses available in "prescription lenses" from our own lab. Lifetime guarantee against manufacturers' defects

Ocean Waves Lens Availability   Non-mirrored lenses - Gray and Amber Mirrored lens colors - 24k Gold, Off Shore Blue, Backwater Green, Coastal Copper and Black Marble  Mirrored lenses not only look good but work better, and were developed to serve special needs. Ocean Waves mirror coatings work like the shading effect a large brimmed hat has on your eyes - allowing you to see farther, and deeper into water. Add this to technically superior polarization, which blocks all harmful rays, creating optimum eye comfort and protection.   Listed below are the most popular specialty designed lenses.

  • 24 Karat Gold: They look terrific and work even better than they look for bright sunny days or for people that are extra-sensitive to extreme conditions.  24k Gold will give you extra comfort.

  • Black Marble Mirror (Silver): Developed for people that prefer a "Natural Gray" look while still having the added benefit and look of the mirrors.

  • Coastal Copper: best for general sunglass use. Out copper mirror affords the maximum in glare reduction and is perfect for driving, the beach, or open water wear.

  • Backwater Green: The "Best" for flats fishing, snow skiing and cloudy days. They are Amber-Sight-Based, brightening the view into the water and penetrating the shadows. These are the lenses preferred by many top fishing guides, who want to achieve the maximum reduction of glare, not light

  • Offshore Blue: Specially designed for deep-water fishing and boating. Allows you to see the lines and baits clearly behind the boat, plus detect objects or fish on the top of the water, especially when traveling at high speeds.



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