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Do you remember the "help me help you" scene from the Jerry McGuire movie?   Eye care and Eyewear are personal products and services that are difficult to discuss or dispense without "seeing" you personally.  The Best way to "help me help you" is to contact us using conventional means like the phone or stopping by our locations to check out for yourself what makes our goals and objectives in business so remarkably different from al the other opticals.  Don't get caught in the wild!  Come to Grant Eyeglasses for civilized Eye Care you can TRUST.


One way we are unique from other optical stores, that most people do not realize, is the special arrangement we have with our Doctors.  Do you want the physician who writes you a prescription to also provide the cure?  When you think about it, it's a major conflict of interest!  Have you wondered why medical Doctors don't own their own pharmacy?  It's Illegal.  Our Doctors are independent from us.  They are not motivated to unnecessarily change your prescription so they can sell you a new pair of glasses or contacts and increase their income remarkably over the examination fee.   Believe me, these unethical business practices happen.

You can TRUST our Doctors to provide YOU the best Prescription to satisfy your visual needs without inherent conflicts of interest.  Grant Eyeglasses promotes the products that work the best and are combined with the best features and benefits.  Our goal, in all that we do, is to make sure that our customers "Look Great & See Their Best".  Don't Get Caught in the Wild!  Call us and make an appointment today at (239) 334-7268!

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