Low Vision Solutions
from Freedom Scientific can be seen and demonstrated
at Grant Eyeglasses


Low Vision Solutions TOPAZ OPAL MAGIC ONYX

Grant Eyeglasses and Freedom Scientific Low Vision Solutions have teamed up to offer a convenient Low Vision demonstration site in the heart of Lee County in Fort Myers. See the map on our HOME page of this website.  Come in or bring in the person who is having difficulty doing everyday activities like reading, viewing pictures, and writing checks. See if this concept can help them do the things they love to do.

Come in and see that the benefits are real for your unique visual situation. Stop by when the time is best for you. Take advantage of the good times. The people at Freedom Scientific are top notch and have a beautiful line of video magnifiers available in both desktop and portable designs. We have the most wonderful units here in our store for you to have a hands on experience. Visual freedom is priceless. Make the most of each day!

Take advantage of this opportunity. Come in when the time is right, enjoy a cup of coffee and explore the possibilities. Call us first, for incentives and special consideration.

We also offer computer software demonstration discs to make the computer screen and information attainable for you. This software actually reads out loud what is on the screen. So computer communication can actually come alive.  We have demonstration discs you can take home and see if this works for you as well.  Keep doing your stuff.  Don't let a vision issue stop you from living your life.

 Our phone number is 239-334-7268 Call us today ask for Chuck, Melody, or Kerri.


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